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"Sneaker Heads" Titles


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"Sneaker Heads" Titles
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“Sneaker Heads” is a documentary feature about sneaker culture, directed by Israel. When we were asked to direct and design the title sequence, Jonathan came up with a very simple idea. First, we shot hours of 16mm footage around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. We then scanned and built about thirty sneakers in 3D, and used motion capture data to make the sneakers move by themselves. In the film, you can see sneakers walking down sidewalks, climbing up stairs, riding the subway, break-dancing, playing ball and skating.

The full length feature was supposed to be theatrically released by Spring 2004. Though produced through Nike’s ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, it also covers the stories of Adidas, Puma, Converse, along with the sports- and pop-culture icons associated with the brands; it includes interviews with Chuck D, Spike Lee, even Michael Jordan. As for the movie, it hasn’t seen the air yet. We don’t really know why.


Production & Post-Production (opening sequence)
Brand New School, New York

Shot on location in New York

Director (opening sequence)
Jonathan Notaro

Jonathan Notaro

3D Artist
Kevin Robinson

Flame Artists
Blake Huber, Niklaus Schlumpf

Brand Jordan/W+K Entertainment

Curtis Mayfield, “Superfly”