ProjectsOnePlus 3T


As the technology behind smartphones evolves, the phones themselves have become increasingly fundamental to the way we live our lives. The new 3T from OnePlus is a perfect example of this. We joined forces with the agency Carrot Creative on a cutting-edge campaign that shows how the innovative new phone is truly an extension of ourselves. Deftly blending sleek and abstract imagery, the visually enthralling film symbolizes the different elements of the 3T, connecting the usage of the ultramodern device to the human experience. These parallels between man and machine are represented in stunning 3D animation challenges our perceptions of reality.


Jonathan Notaro



  • DirectorJonathan Notaro
  • Managing PartnerDevin Brook
  • CG SupervisorRuss Wootton
  • Technical DirectorDan Bradham
  • Lead Flame ArtistMark French
  • CompositingEric Concepcion, Manu Gaulot, Matthew Lane Smith, Paulo Dias, Philip Massimino
  • LightingSarah Bocket, Stacie Plassche, Claire Chang, Mirelle Underwood, Sung Kim
  • AnimationJeff Bryson, Olle Engstrom, Michael Wharton, Nick Dubois, Shandy Tam
  • Particles & DynamicsAndy Guttormson, Rob Eckert
  • ModelingArnaldo Andujar, Junhawn Kwon
  • DesignAndres Rivera, Jeff Welk, Tom Buch, Angela Bac, Abby Chang
  • EditorEric Wais
  • Assistant EditorTyler Byrnes
  • Storyboard ArtistsWill Rosado, Tung Hsieh
  • Head of ProductionJulie Shevach
  • ProducersChad Carbone, Johnna MacArthur