ProjectsAlcatel Idol 4S


What better way to show off the capabilities of Alcatel’s new Idol 4S smartphone than with eye-popping visuals and fun, joyous moments? Bursting with colors and patterns inspired by the likes of the Memphis Group, this live action spot features some in-camera ingenuity to put a unique spin on cookouts and dance parties. And we got to have some fun with the Idol’s VR function, parking some virtual racecars in the living room. Thankfully there were no oil stains to clean up afterward.


Jonathan Notaro



  • DirectorJonathan Notaro
  • CinematographerTommy Wildner
  • Managing PartnerDevin Brook
  • Line ProducerChris Palladino
  • Art DirectorJeff Welk
  • VFX SupervisorMark French
  • EditorEric Wais
  • Assistant EditorTyler Byrnes
  • ColoristBlase Theodore
  • DesignersTom Buch, AndrĂ©s Rivera, I-Ting Lee, Ricardo Villavicencio
  • CG Lead/Technical DirectorRuss Wootton
  • 3D ModellerHan-Chin Lee
  • Previs AnimationShandy Tam, Ashley Morgan
  • 3D AnimationJared Eng
  • 2D AnimationLuke Guyer
  • Storyboard ArtistWill Rosado
  • Flame ArtistsMark French, Greg Cutler, Elsa Tu
  • CompositorsDanica Parry, Kristjan Zaklynsky
  • Head of ProductionJulie Shevach
  • ProducerGreg Babiuk