Google Hardware

Product Launch

A new visual language to showcase Google's new hardware line-up.

Along with the flagship Pixel 3 phone, we created launch videos for the Home Hub, the Pixel Slate, and the Pixel Stand. These were used in broadcast, cinema, and digital applications everywhere.

We designed visuals specifically for the #MadeByGooogle event held in New York. 

As Google revolutionizes the world of mobile and personal tech yet again, Brand New School was there to help introduce a new slate of products. Leading the way with the new Pixel 3 smartphone, Google and Brand New School worked together to create a series of visually striking pieces to give the world a look at the future of technology. With content ranging from keynote accompaniment to digital product videos, Brand New School gave Google’s new products a stunning platform to shine.

Creative Director
JP Rooney

Associate Creative Director
Andres Rivera

Art Director
Darius Maghen, Andres Rivera, Daniel Uribe

Nuke Compositer
Jeff Dragon, Rachel Rardin

Flame Artist
Greg Cutler, Elsa Tu, John Budion

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Head of Production
Johnna MacArthur

Tom Buch, Emeric Trahand

Mike Colao, Chad Carbone, Andrew Jensen, Eric Wais, Brad Turner, Ron Brodie

2D Animator
Abby Chang, Gerald Soto, Jaime Flores, Seong Yeop Sim

3D Animator
Jeff Bryson, Sam Crees, Walter Lubinski, Jordan Bilt, Heejin Kim, Ian Brauner, Will Robertson, Anderson Ko, Michael Garcia, Paul Wei, Kenneth Music

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Andre Araujo, Paul McAfee, Kyle McKeveny, Cynthia Louissaint

Ryan Chong, Eric Schnell

Mirelle Underwood, Cody Chen, Sung Kim, Jamil Primas, Ignacio Ayestaran, Oliver Castle, Kevin Lu, Keith McMenamy

Assistant Editor
Ariana McLean, Tyler Byrnes, Kristen Garris