5 with @Emrata

International supermodel Emily Ratajkowski floats between sets in this spot debuting the OnePlus 5.

In order to stand out from the crowded smartphone field, you need to make an impression. And while having cutting edge tech, a top of the line camera, and unmatched performance definitely helps, you could do a lot worse than having international supermodel Emily Ratajkowski on hand to deliver your message. OnePlus turned to Emily to help spread the word about their new 5 smartphone, and Brand New School put her through the motions, snapping six Instagram-worthy pics in 20 seconds. How’d we do it? A little Hollywood magic…and of course Ms. Ratajkowski’s innate talent in front of the camera never hurts. As part of the keynote event launching the new device, this pulled in over 211,000 viewers during its live broadcast.

Carrot Creative

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

3D Lighting
Sarah Bocket, Kevin Lu

Eric Wais, Chad Carbone

Assistant Editor
Tyler Byrnes

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Katherine Allen, Greg Babiuk

2D Animators
Olle Engstrom, Naoko Hara, Paul Todaro

Paulo Dias, Kristjan Zaklynsky, John Budion, Phil Massimino

Andres Rivera, Tom Buch, Corey Langelotti

Art Director
Andres Rivera

CG Supervisor
Russ Wootton

Tung Chow Hsieh

Mark French

VFX Supervisor
Mark French

3D Modeling
Jason Wolley

Jared Eng, Danesh Taraporevala, Darren Chang, Arnaldo Andujar

Original Music
Morgan Whirledge