Ben and Jerry's

A Little Show

Ben & Jerry's famous cow Woody is the star of the show in this animated spot.

​“Karamel Sutra” is coming to Europe…and this time it’s not courtesy of Sting. We tag-teamed with Amalgamated NY to create this spot, which taps into the mind of Ben & Jerry’s world famous spokeswoman, Woody.

The first question we asked ourselves was how we could arouse the European audience? Answer: By having our beloved Woody stage a journey to the “Karamel Core” of the ice cream. After months of putting Woody in all sorts of precarious positions, her endurance paid off.


Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Justin Fines, Emeric Trahand, Adam Wentworth

Anna Heironymus

Production Company
Brand New School

Managing Director
Danny Rosenbloom

Samantha Weiss

Scott Balles

Dennis Go

Executive Producer
Devin Brook

3D Animation
Scott Denton, Anthony Jones, Young Lee, Alec Vacura, Jeff Bryson

Toby Howell

Lead Compositor/Animator
Andy Mastrocinque

3D Lighting/Texturing
Scott Denton, Joseph Ibrahim, Young Lee