Summer Spotlight

Innovative feature launch films for Android 11, making the things you already do just a bit easier.

Android Summer Spotlight is a suite of films that launches and communicates innovative new features in Android 11. In collaboration with the brand product teams for each Android feature, Brand New School created original concepts, wrote, and produced the films. Being able to shepherd the work from concept to finish allowed us to innovate solutions that communicate this suite of new features in a digestible and engaging way. Some other folks are also fans of the videos, like Gizmodo and the Governor of California

The importance of understanding those around you seems so obvious, but not everyone is afforded that luxury. We show how Live Caption enables anyone who is having trouble hearing – whether due to hearing loss or just the immediate situation – to communicate more clearly.

Saving a precious few seconds can help our first responders save lives. This story focuses on some very real—and sometimes comedic—scenarios that highlight how a few extra seconds can save the day.

Earthquakes can be life-threatening if you’re caught in a bad spot. Our tongue-in-cheek concept builds a humorous story about how Android’s new early warning system can give you just enough time to get out of harm's way.

Executive Creative Director
Magnus Hierta

2D Animation Director
Gerald Soto

David Muhlenfield

JP Peer

Art Directors
Ren Chen, Cristina Barna

Olivia Blanc, Allen Lasseter, Valentino Vilches, Jelly Wei

Sung Yeop Sim, Elaine Lee, David Jouppi, Mathijs Juijten, Olle Engstrom, Philip Nordstrom, Ross Plaskow, Josh Parker, Scott Johnson, Anthony Kim, Naoko Hara

Assistant Editor
Andrew Polich

Grant Keiner

Jonathan Notaro

Audio Partner
Tiny Lion

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren

Head of Production
Johnna MacArthur

Resource Coordinator
Kelly Cousins