Angi Home

Constructing a campaign for the new home service platform that helps homeowners love where they live.

Our concepts were based on environmental portrait photography; which captures a subject in their home while providing some insight into their lives.

From developing original campaign concepts, scriptwriting, live-action direction, and digital marketing, our partnership with Angi has allowed Brand New School to flex both our creative and strategic muscles.


Angi approached Brand New School to create an original and visually-led launch campaign to introduce them as a completely new way to get anything done for your home. Our initial round of solutions ran the gamut from VFX-infused lifestyle spots to choreographed performances demonstrating the seamless experience of working with an Angi Pro. However, it was our very honest and conversational concept that simply asked “how does it feel to have an Angi Home?” that really resonated with the new brand. 

We wanted to put the focus squarely on the homeowners and show how having an Angi Home made them feel. So our performances would range from satisfaction to over-the-top-excitement, or quiet comfort to chest-thumping pride. Working closely with the Angi team, we began crafting a number of scenarios that represented common home projects. Visually, our concepts and compositions were based on environmental portrait photography; which captures a subject in their home while providing some insight into their lives. So it was important that each location felt unique and personal to the task we were representing. A lot of time and consideration went into defining the specific Art Direction, bold color palettes, and overall design of each vignette; creating the signature “Graphic Filmmaking” that Brand New School has become known for.

 Building the visual language of a new brand relies heavily on recognition and connections. To introduce Angi, we wanted to bring their new logo to the forefront; with the “A” being a particularly memorable symbol of the brand. Conceptually, it was designed to communicate a continuous relationship between the homeowner and Angi, while the unique and recognizable swash evoked the friendliness and comfort of a hug. To ensure the brand remained at the forefront of the campaign, we developed a series of customized ‘A’s for each of our project vignettes that would be captured in-camera on our shoot. These included baking ‘A’ shaped cookies, embroidering an ‘A’ monogram into a towel, or crafting an ‘A’ out of mulch and decorative stones and could be used in the context of the spot, or strung together to create a show vignette for social or digital marketing.

Director / Executive Creative Director
Chris Dooley

Ricardo Diaz

Line Producer
David Wolfson

Dave Muhlenfeld

Jun Yang, Amanda Tolenino, Shalinder Matharu

Tory Sica, Gabe Pages

Gerald Mark Soto, Anthony Kim

Lead Compositor
Mark French

Charles Quinn

Eben Bull

Assistant Editor
Ryan Rigley, Tyler Barnes

Mike Howell @ Color Collective

Music and Audio Mixing
Fall On Your Sword

VO Record
Squeak E. Clean Studios

CCO / Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren

Head of Production
Johnna MacArthur

Christina Chung