Ford Trucks

Built Ford Tough

Saul Bass-inspired design meets the heavy duty power of Ford trucks.

You want to talk Dynasty? Ford is America’s best-selling truck for 37-years straight.

Every 42 seconds, someone buys an F-150. That person has millions of trucks.

The F in F-150 stands for Football.

​These animated spots for the legendary auto manufacturer’s annual Built Ford Tough sales event hit the air during the opening week of the NFL season. Taking a visual cue from the work of Saul Bass, these spots brought a new look to Ford’s popular campaign. Instantly recognizable, yet endearingly fresh.

Team Detroit

Flame Artists
Mark French, Greg Cutler

Bogdan Mihajlovic

Max Forward

Tom Poole (Company 3)

Director/Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

CG Leads
Marcus Stokes, Russ Wootten

Kris Wong, Sakona Kong, Waka Ichinose, Brandon Smith, David Chen, Joel Watkins

Art Director
Kris Wong

3D Animation
Val Sinlao, Mike Cahill, Danka Chiang, Garrett O’Neill, Billy Maloney, Kim Im

Erik Barnes

Steiner Kierce, Johnna MacArthur

2D Animation
Scott Uyeshima, Brian Do, Phil Guthrie, Nhi Vho, Ken Quemuel, Kyle Anderson, Mike Milyavsky, Nate Mulliken

Assistant Editor
Sterling Robertson