Can Morph

The official cerveza of the beach receives an animated twist.

The unofficial beer of summer is now available in cans, so we created some aluminum art to celebrate! Moving fluidly between idyllic laid back moments, the Corona can morphs into a beach ball, a radio, a grill, a boat - all in sun-drenched island locales. Don’t worry - we didn’t forget the palm trees! Director Robert Bisi and his team utilized the features of the new cans to create some really beautiful summertime paraphernalia.

La Comunidad

Executive Producer
Paul Abatemarco

CG Lead/Technical Director
Robin Kim, Adam Newman

3D Particles/VFX
Eric Rosenthal, Thomas Briggs, Ian Mankowski

Creative Director
Robert Bisi

Beth Vogt, Amy Russo

3D Animation
Robin Kim, Hao Cui, Ian Mankowski, Kim Im, Leo Juarez

Storyboard Artists
Max Forward, Tristyn Pease

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

3D Modeling/Rigging
Robin Kim, Hao Cui, Ian Mankowski, Kim Im, Gabriela Gorostieta, Leo Juarez

Adam Newman, Scott Uyeshima, Maithy Tran

Waka Ichinose, Sakona Kong, Mara Smalley, Brandon Minton

3D Lighting
Adam Newman, Hao Cui

Sean U’ren