Children's Day

Trippy animated pieces complete with a talking vulture for Nike China's Children's Day celebrations.

Like basketball and skating, there’s a bold scrappiness to each look; a youthful naivety and brash enthusiasm.

​To celebrate Children’s Day in China, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai commissioned Brand New School to create these absolutely bonkers animated spots featuring some far out sporting scenarios that promote self confidence among kids. In one, a humanoid alien named Allen takes on a fire-breathing, trash-talking mutant flamingo. The other sees a skateboarding dinosaur match wits with a pair of totally radical apes. Both spots feature a magical bandage. Yes, these need to be seen to be believed. With trippy cel animation and eye-popping colorful characters, this was one of the most fun projects we’ve ever worked on.

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

2D Animation
Min Kim, Peter Lee, Sol Lee, Pierre Bassil, Laury Santoso, Adam Lawrence

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Creative Director
Brumby Boylston

Head of Production
Amy Russo

Senior Producer
Greg Heffron

Nick Iluzado, Yoon Kim, Peter Lee

Storyboard Artist
Max Forward

Animation Lead
Scott Uyeshima

Cel Animation
Taik Lee, Aly Tain, Stephanie Simpson, Jamal Ademola