Electronic junk gets a second life in this mind-bending spot.

​A once virile, but now obsolete and lonely laptop is brutally discarded, only to be magically reincarnated as a young and vibrant symbol of hope. Director Jonathan Notaro does his part in promoting the recycling of one of the biggest polluters of the planet in this commercial for HP via Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Senior Producer
Devin Brook

Marcelo Durst

CG Supervisor
Vadim Turchin

3D Animation
Mike Garcia, Matt Guzzardo

Storyboard Artists
William Rosado, Brian Wilcox

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Executive Producer
Danny Rosenbloom

VFX Supervisor
Vadim Turchin

3D Lead
Mike Marsek

3D Lighting
Iggy Ayestaran, Aditi Kapoor

Line Producer
David Wolfson

Production Designer
Greg Blair

3D Tracking
Han Ho, John Kalaigian

Flame Artist
Mark French

Sound Designer
Josh Abbey

Production Supervisor
Jan Van Dyke

Brand New School, New York

3D Modeling
Adam Rosenzweig

Marion Ennis, Scott Winston

Wye Oak “Regret”