Google Hardware

Google Clips

How do you capture all of life's little moments? With this tiny camera from Google.

Ever wonder why you’re not in any of your own pictures? Well, Google did. So they came up with a small, smart camera that uses intelligent learning to capture those moments that you’ll want to remember forever. Our film highlights some of those moments and uses actual footage from the Google Clips, as well as some artfully directed and nostalgic vignettes.

Chris Dooley, Brumby Boylston

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

RCO, Seth Ricart

Lucas Ajemian

Aaron Maurer

New Math

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Head of Production
Julie Shevach

Storyboard Artist
Tony Chow, Fred Fassberger

Eric Wais, Erik Van der Wilden

Flame Artist
Johnny Starace