Google Pixel

Pixel 4a Attract Loop

Stimulating the desire to interact with Google’s Pixel 4a in a retail environment.

How attractive can a smartphone be on an in-store display? How do we add life and intrigue to a ubiquitous part of our daily routines? These questions informed our creative process, and motivated this tactile visual language that conveys not only the beautiful designs of Google’s new Pixel phones but also the intelligence of the product. The visual narrative expresses the smart and dynamic tools offered by the Pixel 4a with undeniably appealing movements, textures and colors that provoke curiosity and a desire for interaction.


Like a rare toy from a museum gift shop, colored marbles roll through a varied terrain to find "Google-y" things to do along the way. The crafty textures and familiar physics create an oddly satisfying interaction - an engagement that makes you want to watch it, and touch it.


Creative Director
Brumby Boylston

Klopas Oey, Jose Checa, Alejandro Lopez

3D Artists
Klopas Oey, Pete Germano, Alex Van Dyne, Andy Kim

Andrew Polich

CG / VFX Supervisor
Billy Maloney

Lead Compositor
Klopas Oey, Alex Van Dyne

Alena Cabrero

Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren

Head of Production
Tita Poe