Holiday Pop Up

We helped Google bring a little holiday cheer to New York City with some winterized pop-ups.

​First, our friends at Google asked us to bring some holiday cheer to the Google Web Store. Our designs were so well received that we adapted them for Google’s Social Media Channels. And then for the 280’ LED wall at the New World Trade Center in New York. And finally, the designs were brought to life as an interactive installation at the Google Pop-Up in NYC on 5th Avenue. The social campaign netted 3.7 million views across Google’s social accounts, proving once again that when you have a good idea, things tend to snowball.

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Alexander Vidal, Andres Rivera, Sarah Orenstein

3D Lighting
Jamil Primas, Sarah Bockett, Justin Miller, Minwoo Lee

Andrew Jenson, Tyler Byrnes

Executive Producer
Devin Brook

Storyboard Artist
Tony Chow

3D Animation
Grant Cerulo, Justin Miller, Jason Wolley, Walter Lubinski

Director of Photography
David William Turner

Art Director
Jeffrey Welk

Technical Director
Dan Bradham

2D Animation
Grant Cerulo, Jay Kim

Mark French

Dorian Carli-Jones

3D Modelling
Justin Miller, Grant Cerulo, Ryan Chong, Arnaldo Anujar, Shihan Barbee, Piotr Glabinski

Paulo Diaz, Phil Massimino, Kristjan Zaklynsky, Steinar Nedrebø, Sung Kim, Manuel Riedl