Jack Daniel's

Label Story

Landmark branding and advertising that's become ubiquitous with this American heritage brand.

The truth is, no one knows for sure what “Old no. 7” actually means. And that’s okay with us.

While the many months of product driven inspiration will be missed, we are pleased to have completed our latest and greatest contribution to the legendary Jack Daniel’s folklore. Thanks to our friends at Arnold, we give you “Old No.7”, the first in a 3 spot campaign for Jack Daniel’s.

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Production Coordinator
Ilona Klaver

Lead Designer
Ricardo Villavicencio

Storyboard Artist
Will Rosado

CG Supervisor
Vadim Turchin

Head of Production
Devin Brook

Toby Sowers, Mike Sullo

Arnold, Boston

Executive Producer
Danny Rosenbloom

Art Directors
Mario Stipinovich, Eric Concepcion

2D Animation
Stieg Retlin

The Lodge

Production Company
Brand New School

Eric Concepcion, Dave LoGiudice

3D Animation
Eric Concepcion, Han Ho, Mike Garcia, Walter Lubinski, Kim Kehoe, Andre Salyer, Carmine Laietta, Adam Rosenzweig, Dave LoGiudice