Love Thy Pits

We created a new visual language to show pit-challenging dramatazations of everyday life.

Whether it’s an impromptu dance battle or a job interview, you can be sure you’re sweat-free.

Not even C+C Music Factory could make you sweat when you’re wearing Mitchum.

Life throws us curveballs every day. For most people, that extra stress means extra sweat. But you don’t have to worry about that with Mitchum. You can lie about your foreign language fluency without a hint of perspiration. Keep your eyes peeled for our own Devin Brook as a knight in shining armor.


Line Producer
David Wolfson

Justin Fines, Stephen Kelleher

Storyboard Artist
Will Rosado

Production Coordinator
Zoe Beyer

Jonathan Notaro, Ben Go

Brand New School, New York

VFX/CG Director
Vadim Turchin

Ted Kotsaftis, Bill Dorais

Director of Photography
Eric Treml

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

3D Animation
Han Ho, Jerry Chow, Ryan Lang, Adam Rosenzweig

Flame Artist
Blake Huber

Executive Producer
Devin Brook

Art Director
Justin Fines

2D Animation
Hyesung Park, Robin Greenwood, Andy Mastrocinque, Adam Sacks, Justin Demetrician

Post Producer
Toby Sowers