Google Hardware

Made By Google Launch

Introducing Google's latest line of devices to the world with animation that puts the products in focus.

Making Google look good is easy.

Everything you’d expect from Google made radically better.

As Google revolutionizes the world of mobile and personal tech yet again, Brand New School was there to help introduce a new slate of products. Leading the way with the new Pixel 3 smartphone, Google and Brand New School worked together to create a series of visually striking pieces to give the world a look at the future of technology. With content ranging from keynote accompaniment to digital product videos, Brand New School gave Google’s new products a stunning platform to shine.

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

VFX Technical Director
Dan Bradham

Flame Artist
Kirk Balden

Nuke Compositors
Jeff Billon, Phil Massimino, Herculano Fernandes, Adam Yost, Kristjan Zaklynsky, Joseph Yoon, Julien Desroches, Steinar Nedrebø, Rachel Rardin, Paulo Dias, Danica Parry

Storyboard Artists
Fred Fassberger, Tory Sica, Tony Chow, Ryan Beckwith, Max Forward

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Head of Production
Julie Shevach

Lead Animators
Jeff Bryson, Olle Engstrom

3D Modeling
Alek Vacura, Shihan Barbee, Danesh Taraporevala

Eric Wais, Ron Brodie, Jason Kileen, Alex Israel, Andrew Jenson, Erik Van Der Wilden, Tyler Byrnes

Creative Directors
Chris Dooley, Brumby Boylston, Jesús de Francisco

Johnna MacArthur, Chad Carbone, Katherine Allen, Dorian Carli-Jones, Aly Ryan, Lucas Ajemian

Assistant Editors
Kristen Casazza, Kristen Garris, Tony Scharko

3D Animation
Jared Eng, Hee Jin Kim, Jason Wolley, Justin Miller, Sam Crees, Walter Lubinski, Nick Johnides, Casey Reuter, Will Robertson, Shandy Tam, Joerg Volk, Nicole Morciniec, Sean Rubenstein

CG Supervisor
Russ Wootton

Andres Rivera, Jeff Welk, Corey Langelotti, Aaron Maurer, I-Ting Lee, Diksha Watwani, Tom Buch, Jin Jeon

Lead Flame Artist
Mark French

2D Animation
Deekay Kwon, Jay Kim, Yeop Sim, Tyler Wergin Perdo Piccinini, Jon Smith, Kirsten Cho Lighting: Danish Jamil, Jamil Primas, Kevin Lu, Sarah Bocket, Mirelle Underwood, Joe Pistono, Sung Kim

Joe Tirabassi, Dave Bourla, Ray Connolly, Ross Weythman