Google Assistant

Make Google Do It

Google Assistant takes over New York with out of home displays around the city, including the Oculus transit hub.

Whether you want your clothes washed or a fresh cup of joe, Google is the only Assistant you’ll need.

For years, Google has been the go-to for pretty much anything you need to do online. But what about the other stuff? Like the stuff in your home. Brand New School helped Google show off all of the things you didn’t even know Google was capable of with this series of graphic films for their ubiquitous “Make Google Do It” campaign.

Brand New School

Art Director
Corey Angelotti

Creative Director
Mike Calvert

Andre Araujo

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Naoko Hara, Deekay Kwon, Hao Li, Gerald Soto, Paul Yung Jae Suh, Tyler Wergin

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Head of Production
Julie Shevach