McCafe At Home

Bright and playfully 3D illustration brings McDonald’s morning Joe to your front door. 

In partnership with We Are Unlimited, we were excited to explore our more visual side in this series of social first films designed to make your Insta-feed straight blow-up. Somewhat inspired by the ever trendy 3D “everyday” posts blanketing Instagram, these playful journeys into physical abstraction are a feast for the eyes. 

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Creative Director
JP Rooney

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Associate Creatve Director
Andres Rivera

Head of Production
Johnna MacArthur

Brian Friel, Kyle McKeveny

3D Animators
Jeff Bryson, Doug Bello, Gavin Shapiro, Jared Eng

Sung Kim, Andy Tai, Danish Jamil, Yinan Xiong

Ryan Chong

2D Animators
Jaime Flores

Nuke Compositer
Jeff Dragon

Tom Buch, JP Rooney