Create a stop motion piece using only material found in Starbucks? All in a day's work.

To celebrate Mondays in the UK, yes that’s right you heard us right, to celebrate Mondays the witty team at AMV/BBDO and BNS created a fully stop-motion animated series of vignettes that point to the lesser known GREAT things that have happened on Mondays. We limited our palette to things you’d find at a Starbucks shop. Napkins, wooden stirrers, straws, corrugated sleeves and…oh yes, cups. Talls, Grandes, Ventis and don’t forget those little cappuccino jim jams. Our cups ranneth over with fun as we shot it all in our new in-house stage. Our amazing fabricating and design team worked right next to our animation stages.

So the next time you cringe thinking about a Monday, be comforted ladies and gentlemen and remember that today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Jonathan Notaro, Sean Dougherty

Sam Weiss

Ivan Abel

Steven Kelleher

Executive Creative Director
Devin Brook

Flame Artist
Mark French

Head of Production
Julie Shevach