Cartoon Network

Network Rebrand

Redefining the on-air look and identity of the cable home for cartoons.

It’s a brand new Cartoon Network. After months of drawing, erasing, snacking, singing, dreaming, painting on dogs, arm wrestling, and, above all, animating, we’re finally ready to share our top-to-bottom brand expansion of the 18-year-old network. Our graphic overhaul included everything from redrawing their logo to creating a typographic system that could be played out on the airwaves, online and in print.

We imagined the checker as a gameboard, ready to be played; a graphic designer’s grid; a rule-based system that encouraged unexpected permutations. Leading an incredibly robust (and checkered) team of designers, illustrators, animal trainers, and animators, Brand New School created an arsenal for the CN team. From lower thirds, to bugs, to menus, to endpages to idents, to tapping our favorite illustrators for network IDs, we constantly looked for ways to explore this simple idea, building a visual language that fit a multitude of different parts together in harmonious yet unpredictable ways.

A giant thanks to everyone at Cartoon Network who both encouraged our creative process and gave us invaluable insight along the way. Kudos also go to Mad Decent and Michael Koehler for fantastic music and sound design. And now, without further ado, check it…

Cartoon Network

Greg Babiuk

Associate Art Director
Forest Young

Pitch Designers
Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert, Forest Young, Josh Parpan, Will Frohn, Pat Arrington, Philippe Intraligi, Ryan Cox, Sal Dell'Aquila, George Vincent

Digital Animators
David Rasura, Chase Massingil, Cyprian York Sadlon, Mark Thompson

3D Animation
Walter Lubinski

Flicks 3D VFX Supervisor
Han Ho

Original Music/Compositions
Mad Decent and Michael Kohler

Creative Director
Jonathon Notaro

Associate Producer
Michele Watkins

Logo Designers
Jonathan Notaro, Jens Gehlhaar, Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert, Ryan Waller

Licks Movie Package Design
Mario de Toledo-Sader, Jungeun Kim

Additional Animation
Eric Bauer, David Lucido

3D Lighter/Compositor
Bill Dorais

Flicks CG Director
Han Ho

Production Assistant
Madison Brigode

Managing Director
Danny Rosenbloom

Production Coordinator
Ilona Klaver

Lead Designers
Adam Wentworth, Damien Correll

Will Rosado

Flicks 2D VFX Supervisor
Arthur Hur

3D Tracking
Han Ho

ID Design and Animation Design
Meg Hunt, Mike Calvert, Ryan Cox, Travis Millard, Eric Adolfsen, Ricardo Villavicencio, Stephen Kelleher, Andrew Poneros

Head of Production
Devin Brook

Art Directors
Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert

Icon Designers
Mike Calvert, Aaron Stewart

Lead Animators
Hyesung Park, Andy Mastrocinque, Arthur Hur

CG Director
Vadim Turchin

3D Modeling
Walter Lubinski, Adam Rosenzweig

Kat Morris Freddy Arenas, Walter Lubinski, Stieg Retlin, Andy Mastrocinque, Jessica Milazzo