Fuel TV

Network Launch & Rebrand

The finer points of surfboard construction are examined in this animated spot.

The art of surfing can take years to perfect while pretending to do it is a relatively easy skill to master.

A visual identity with all the attitude of an angsty pre-teen.

​The finer points of surfboard construction are illustrated in this spot for Fuel TV. Abstract macro shots unfold to gradually reveal the surfer’s vehicle of choice in all its contoured beauty, waiting in the wings to hit the waves.

Production Company
Brand New School, New York

3D Artists
Andre Salyer, Bill Dorais, 
Ted Kotsafis, Jesse Franklin

Machine Head

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Managing Director
Danny Rosenbloom

Stephen Dewey

CG Director
Vadim Turchin

Head of Production
Devin Brook

Richardo Villavencio, Andre Salyer

Samantha Weiss