Slam Dunks

What’s black and white and has more dunks than Jordan?

Helping the iconic brand celebrate the “Art of the Dunk” with this series of thumb-stopping films for digital and social media.


Skillfully art directed and filmed, idealized but always grounded in reality at it’s very best. The focus is squarely on the divine yumminess of the Oreo cookie.

While the audience that was captivated by our colorful world of the “Play with Oreo” and  “Wonderfilled” campaigns may have grown up a bit – they’re still in the market for a lighthearted message told through amazing visuals. And both “Dynamic Dunks” and “Wigglegrams” fit the bill perfectly. Each one encourages us to “Stay Playful” with a bit more maturity but no less fun while retaining an identifiable aesthetic that perfectly embodies Oreo.

Broken into five separate “tribes”, the campaign speaks directly to the bold sensibilities of a #fashionista, the cozy comfort of our #family, the celebration of senses for #foodies, the binge-watching enthusiasm of #popculturejunkies, and the comic and video game culture of us #nerds. The challenge was imbuing each of these tribes with enough texture and authenticity so our characters feel like real people, not simply stereotypes.

For the “Dynamic Dunks” series of films, we utilized the high-speed motion control Bolt rig, which allowed us to capture the nuance and connections between the cookie and our performers. While a customized array of cameras was used to freeze time and create “Wigglegrams” of some Oreo-fied moments to be shared through all social media channels.

Director / Creative Director
Chris Dooley

Barry Parrell

Line Producer
Rob Jacklin

Art Director
Daniel Uribe

J.P. Rooney, Corey Langelotti, Javier Tommasi, Daveion Thompson, Seba Morales

Tung Chow, Will Rosado

CG Supervisor
Russ Wootton

CG Artists
Jeff Bryson, Danesh Taraporevala, Oyekunle Jegede, Danish Jamil, Codie Chen, Jared Eng

Kristjan Zaklynsky, Manu Gaulot, Joe Vitale, Charles Quinn

Eben Bull, Chad Carbone

Assistant Editor
Caroline Yost

Sofie Borup @ Company 3

Audio Mix
Tiny Lion

CCO / Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren

Head of Production
Johnna MacArthur

Tess Sitzmann, Cynthia Louissaint