Red Type

Iconic. A visual indentity for the global beverage behemoth seen around the world.

Opening a Coke gives birth to 12,352 new bubbles.

It would cost approximately $4,213,136,717.00 to buy the world a Coke.

​If you have ever wondered how much it costs to buy the world a Coke, it’s $4,216,136,717. The writing on this campaign was just so amazing, all we had to do is give it an elegant, simple design and get the timing right. After trying a bunch of more ambitious design directions involving intimate hand writing or using retro fonts to evoke Coke's history, we ended up with the most quiet and neutral design we could imagine apart from a few little jokes such as type dissolving into bubbles.

Oh, and of course the flash frame of the secret Coke formula isn’t the real thing. Before Eli drew it, they made us change a few ingredients.

Production Company
Brand New School, Los Angeles

Agoraphone Music Direction, New York

Jens Gehlhaar, Megan McGinley, Eli Carrico

Dickson Chow, Taekyu Kim, Trix Taylor, Kirk Shintani, Dave Yan

Wieden+Kennedy, Portland