Restart The Story

Illusions and in-camera trickery show someone's old is another's new in this commercial for Acura. 

Much like people, cars can live multiple lives over time. A car might be a vessel for a family of four to go to and from soccer practice, then it becomes a way for a group of college students to get to the beach once it’s sold. In this spot for Acura’s Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles we did with the agency RPA, we brought that idea to life as an Acura RDX goes from one man’s ride for a mountainous camping trip to some music fans’ chariot for a massive festival.


EVP/Chief Creative Officer
Joe Baratelli

Executive Creative Director/Director
Jonathan Notaro

Sr. Art Director
Graham Greene

VP/Executive Digital Producer
Linda Kim

Associate Director, Business Affairs
KK Davis

VP/Management Supervisor
Adam Levitt

Production/Post Production Company
Brand New School

Nick Iluzado, Yoon Kim, Tom Buch, Jason Diaz, Jeff Welk

CG Modeling/Animation
Sam Crees, Danesh Taraporevala, Edward Twiss

2D Animation
Laury Santoso

SVP/Chief, Creative Development
Jason Sperling

Senior Producer
Phung Vo

Corlin Stubbs, Alex Stoltze

Assistant Business Affairs Manager
Luke Richard

Account Supervisor
Stephanie Carcara

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Storyboard Artists
Max Forward, Tung Chow

Matte Painter
Tim Mattney

Fred Fouquet

VP/Creative Director, Social Media
J Barbush

SVP/Chief Production Officer
Gary Paticoff

Digital Producer
Drea Rice

EVP/Chief Client
Brett Bender

Account Executive
Justin Thomas

Shawn Kim

CG Supervisor
Russ Wootton

VFX Supervisor/Flame Compositing
Todd Mesher

Head of Production
Julie Shevach, Amy Russo

Associate Creative Director
Romeo Cervas

VP/Executive Producer
Isadora Chesler

VP, Director of Business Affairs
Maria Del Homme

SVP/Group Account Director, Honda Regional Marketing
Fern McCaffrey

Senior Specialist, Digital Strategy
Tyler Sweeney

Production Designer
Jordan Ferrer

CG Technical Director
Dan Bradham

Nuke Compositing
Paulo Dias

Senior Producers
Johnna MacArthur, Greg Heffron