Galaxy A-Series

Helping Samsung launch its astronomical new Galaxy smartphone for a global audience.

To announce the release of its Galaxy A-Series smartphones, Samsung held an event for press and customers that was live-streamed to Thailand, Italy, and Brazil.

Brand New School was asked to create the video to accompany this landmark event and just like the announcement, the scale of the film was massive. Produced at a ratio of 8:1, this kinetic spectacle consisted of live-action and 3D products in a tightly choreographed array that simulated frame-by-frame animation and highlighted the quality and clarity of the new camera and display. For this one-off film, we were asked to limit our palette to mainly black and white, to ensure the colors of the devices lept off the screen and create the kind of stunning contrast that demands to be noticed.

Chief Creative Officer
Jonathan Notaro

Creative Director
Alex Hansen

Jason Hogg, Steve Lee, Jordan Lyle, Alejandro Lopez

Alvin Malabanan

Max Forward

CG Supervisor
Andrew Cook

3D Artists
Ryan Chong, Steve Hensley, Jensen Abler, Mario Hernandez, Li Li, Tom Lynnes, Daniel Jeannette, Miro Skandera, Jaques Clement, Ariel Loza

Flame Artist
Tom Leckie

Anthony D’Agostino, Mercedes Paulino, Eric Almeras, Youn Kwak, Ian Harris, Rachel Keyte

Fred Fouquet

Assistant Editor
Ruben Proenca

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Juliet Rios

Head of Production
Amy Russo

Tom Baker