See Things Your Way

Using our illusions that fool the eye to show off E*trade’s new trading platform.

A fusion of art and magic that encapsulates the brand message while captivating viewers.

Reality is easy. It’s deception that takes work.

There’s more than meets the eye in these spots for E*Trade - we constructed these optical illusions that challenge the viewer’s perception as the camera moves around the set. We took over a massive warehouse to create the installations that provide us with some pretty impressive in-camera effects. Topping it all off, the spots are galvanized by a score from Tom Rowlands of electronic legends The Chemical Brothers.


Flame Artists
Kirk Balden, Greg Cutler

Jeff Billon, Eric Concepcion, Paulo Dias, Matthew Lane Smith, Christian Lowe, Danica Parry, Kristjian Zaklynsky

Eric Wais

Claudio Miranda

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Art Directors
Jeffrey Welk, Andres Rivera, Jordan Lyle

Scott Denton

Assistant Editor
Tyler Byrnes

Tim Masick (Company 3)

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Technical Director
Dan Bradham

VFX Supervisors/Lead Flame Artists
Mark French, Bryant Reif

Andres Rivera, Jeffrey Welk, Tom Alex Buch, Jason Hogg, Karen Hong, Waka Ichinose, Kelly Jung, Peter Pace

Head of Production
Julie Shevach

Pre-Vis Animators
Bryant Reif, Dan Bradham, Tom Alex Buch, Billy Maloney, Yaz Koyama, Dylan Nathan, Laury Santoso

Concept Artist
Carlos Ancalmo

Greg Heffron, Johnna MacArthur