Snap Inc.

Snap Partner Summit

A multi-media, virtual event to celebrate and showcase Snap's innovative platforms.

Snap is unquestionably recognized for its vast ability to create distinct worlds using innovative technology and creative storytelling. For the 2021 Snap Partner Summit, a 100% virtual event, the BNS team worked from concept to execution to nurture creativity across all levels and platforms, exploring the visual possibilities in a vast digital landscape. The creative process constantly required space for big, and divergent ideas followed by meticulous executions.

We worked collaboratively with Snap to engage the viewer through every part of the virtual summit highlighting Snap's new products, features, and partnerships across AR efforts.

Our creative directors Nico Casavecchia and Brumby Boylston took the lead on directing the live action films for platforms as Lens Studio and Spotlight, where Snap's Creators tell their stories through a documentary approach and outstanding creative techniques.


Creator Testimonial, directed by Nico Casavecchia, features Snap's Creators through a documentary approach that weaves together a variety of creative techniques.

Connected Lenses, directed by Brumby Boylston, beautifully explores what’s possible in the latest in Snap’s new multi-user AR creation platform. 

Executive Creative Director
Magnus Hierta

Brumby Boylston, Nico Cassavechia

Creative Directors
Scott Uyeshima

Art Directors
Ren Chen, Sebastian Camden, Gabe Valente

Yoon Lee, Jelly Wei, Mercedes Affleck, Brandon Lee Smith, Akane Yasuda, Daniel Frumhoff, Kim Lin

Sam Mularczyk, James Vogel, Kyungrok Chun, Alex Van Dyne, Abi Fairfax, Cameron Reyes, Matt Yeomans, Demetris Vasquez, Sara Shae Werber, Evelyne Lee, Ashley Becera, Charlie Diamond, Marc Blanch Ferrer, Liz Lukens, Matt Stone, Nick Snyder, Brian Dionisi, Gerald Mark Soto

3D Artists
Andy Kim, Will Moody, Pete Germano, Chun Chun Chang, Lenar Singatullov

Brian Yu, Kyu Kim, Uzi Mor

Virtual Production Partner

Nathan Blackmon, Joseph Huba, Tyler Horton, Peter Leininger

Assistant Editor
Andrew Polich

Dan Edwards, Arianna Shining Star, Kya Lou

VFX Supervisor
Eduardo Anton Martinez

Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren

Head of Production
Tita Poe

Grant Keiner, Kelly Cousins, Greg Heffron