Spontaneous Yay!

Adding a double-shot of joy to the Summer.

Beautifully crafted art direction imbues every scene with the energy and playfulness of Summer.

Starbucks had a very special ask of us: “Create a campaign for our Summer lineup that leverages the huge reboot of the brand’s new visual style.” This included their reimagined color palette, typography in motion, and a general vibe that feels both contemporary and fresh. We immediately understood the vision for launching the new language to caffeine connoisseurs, crafting the spots using seamless transitions and match cuts, high-speed motion control rigs and a bunch of energetic humans. The result is a music-driven campaign that follows the beats of Young Franco’s “About This Thing” through crazy camera moves, ingredient blending, and elegant ‘slo-mo’ splashes.

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Yoon Lee, Jordan Lyle, Seba Morales, Steve Lee, Jose Checca, Cam Chan

Assistant Editors
Andrew Polich, Ruben Proenca

Jeremie Carreon, Laury Santoso

Head of Production
Amy Russo

Nico Casaveccia

VFX Supervisor
Andrew Cook

Luis Silva

Dylan Brown, Rachel Keyte, Kevin Jones, Eric Almers

Final Mix
Lime Studios

Neil Shapiro

Storyboard Artist
Max Forward

Flame Artist
Andy Dill

Beth Vogt

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Eric Greenburg

Pre-vis Animators
Mario Hernandez, Siddarth John, Yas Koyama

Executive Producer
Juliet Rios