Cellular South

Taylor's World

One man's world coalesces in this mind-bending spot for Cell South.

Your whole world is now in the palm of your hand. The mobile phone is practically an additional appendage at this point. So we illustrated that in this spot for Cellular South. We took live action footage and mixed in some 3D animation to make this particular gentleman’s world come to life. Thanks to everyone at Martin Williams for making this happen!

Martin Williams

CG Supervisor
Stephen Sloan

Stephanie Tucker, Tiffany Germann

Rob Fend, Ludovic Schorno

3D Artists
John Sadler, Robin Kim, Vinh Chung, Max Keane, Mike Fisher, Andrew Soria

Brian Gossett, Eli Carrico, Rob Bisi, Mark Kim, Andy Bernet

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Flame Artist
Philip Ineno

Live Action Producer
Annie Johnson

Jeff Cronenweth

Mark Kim, Kyu Kim

Post Production Producer
Darren Jaffe