Quaker Oats

Tipping Point

Why not use the physical product to create a new visual language for the product?

With such a wide-open platform, we leveraged this look to create multiple commercials for various Quaker Oats products. 

Eventually, we created characters constructed from the iconic Quaker Oats packaging and brought them to life in stop-motion.  

​The magic of oatmeal is completely unheralded. These revolutionary oats, simple as they may seem, actually are powerful combatants of cholesterol in our bodies. We put together this little stop motion piece for Quaker to illustrate the heart-healthy functions this amazing food performs in each and every serving. Breakfast never felt so good. 

Chief Creative Officer
Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Creative Directors
Ben Go, Robert Bisi, Jens Mebes

Executive Producer
Juliet Rios

Art Director
Scott Uyeshima

Head of Production
Amy Russo

VFX Supervisor
Dariush Derakshani

Yoon Lee, Joyce Liu, Valentino Viches, Susan Yung

Flame Artist
Raphael Mosley, Jaime Aguirre

3D Animators
John Robson, Andy Kim, Sam Cividanis, Yates Holley, Herman Kim

Production Coordinator
Jackson Rogers

Assistant Editor
Andrew Polich

Storyboard Artist
Max Forward, Ian Abando, Judah Dobin, Julian Bishop

Simon Chan, Sol Lee, Julia Wright

Luke McIntosh

Ramzi Hogan, Laury Santoso, Stanley Ng, Gunnfu Hsu, Maithy Tran

Stop Motion
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Resolve Color Correction
Paul Bryne, Luis Silva

Particles & Dynamics Artist
Matt Johnson, Ben Lopez, Oyekunle Jegede

Rig Removal / Cleanup
Laury Santoso, Andrew Racho, Tim Turner