Moving sets and in-camera trickery bring instant gratification to Visa Checkout users. 

Each spot used a simple trick motivated by the action of tapping the phone against the checkout terminal.

The strategy was to have a large visual transformation happen quickly to gain the attention of those browsing their feed. 

We used theatrical lighting devices and shifts in gravity to challenge the viewer's perception. 

For this project, we used practical effects to demonstrate how Visa products, such as Visa Checkout and Mobile Pay, can enable you to live the life you want. Shot on stage in Los Angeles, these spots ran on TV and Visa social channels. 

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

3D Animation
Jeff Bryson, Nick Johnnides, Danish Jamil, Jason Wolley, Darren Chang

Head of Production
Julie Shevach

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

VFX Supervisor/Colorist
Mark French

Katherine Allen, Johnna MacArthur

Art Director
Jeff Welk

Flame Artist
John Budion


Technical Director
Dan Bradham

Chad Carbone, Brad Turner