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An animated world to visualize the future of transportation for the premiere autonomous driving technology. 

We partnered with Waymo to help remind people that autonomous vehicles are more than just a futuristic concept, but a technology in practice that is bound to reshaped how we get around. We wrote endless scripts and use cases while creating a branded animation style comprised of geometric shapes, and simplified characters. We also developed a branded visualization of the Waymo AI technology  in use.

All roads lead to a not-so-far-off futuristic utopia where human and self-driving cars coexist safely and in harmony.

Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Associate Creative Director
Scott Uyeshima

Animation Leads
Jeff Bryson, Andy Kim

Art Director
Emeric Trahand

2D Animator
Gerald Mark Soto

CG Supervisors
Russ Wootton, Billy Maloney

Dave Muhlenfeld, Troy Burrows

FX Artists
Dan Bradham, Eric Cunha

Tess Sitzmann,  April Cuneo Senti

Tyler Byrnes

Assistant Editor
Jeffrey Star,  Ryan Rigley

3D Animators
Jordan Blit, Ken Music, Nick Johnnides, Sam Crees, John Han, Siddarth John, Daniel Jeannette

3D Modelers
Ryan Chong, Atsuki Hirose, Eric Schnell, Danesh Taraporevala, Piotr Glabinski, Yuri Byun

3D Lighters
Danish Jamil, Michael Lampe, Cody Chen, Kevin Lu, Mirelle Underwood, Sarah Yoo, Eric Cunha, Jeff Benjamin Chavez

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Emeric Trahand, Steve Lee, Mercedes Affleck, Tung Chow, Yoon Lee, Yeri Lee, Alessandro Ceglia, Valentino Vilches

Will Rosado

Lead Compositor
Mark French

Sung Eun Moon, Carl Mok, Rachel Rardin

Technical Directors
Dan Bradham, Jeff Jungkoo Han

Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren, Juliet Rios

Head of Production
Johnna MacArthur, Amy Russo

Associate Producer
Brendan Mills

Audio Mixer
Jeremy Siegal at Heard City

Music Supervisor

Joann Kang, Eric Schnell, Danesh Taraporevala