White Claw


How do you visualize counter culture and open a gateway for a new audience?

A highly-competitive post-COVID summer season offered the perfect moment for the brand to make a splash and “own summer.”

Since launching in 2016, White Claw has experienced monumental growth and established itself as the true category leader. But, with a flood of competitors in the category, White Claw needed to expand its portfolio into bold, unique flavors and fresh takes on classics.

White Claw® Hard Seltzer’s REFRSHR campaign promoted the launch of an innovative new summer beverage, REFRSHR™ Lemonade. The campaign illustrates innovation and reinvention, and introduced a new look and feel for White Claw, including new product, packaging and design.

Brand New School teamed up with VCCP for a creative, 30-second spot as part of the multi-platform campaign to debut a new look and feel for White Claw. The spot features three artist innovators at work, showcasing their creativity and unique approaches to their craft. Each creator was selected to demonstrate the unique way they reinvent, recreate and reimagine music, fashion and sport- in resonance with White Claw’s own reinvention of their classic craft. The spot is set to Curtis Waters’, “Stunnin’,” with a streetwear-inspired aesthetic in black and white overlayed by yellow graphics, reflecting the packaging design to a tee.

We gave our audience a taste of something unique and surprising while helping White Claw stand out among seasonal competitors as not only the reigning category leader, but a new school thinker, too.

Daniel Uribe, Scott Uyeshima

Art Director
Sebastien Camden

Justin Harder, Klopas Oei, Neil Jackson, Federico Reano, Yoon Lee

Abi Fairfax, Charles Desmarais, Eric Schnell, Felix Hemstadius, James Vogel, Peter Kearney, Sebastien Camden, Sarah Shae Werber, Seong Yeop Sim, Cameron Reyes

Chris Tuason, Kurt Kim, Theresa Lee

2D Leads
Gerald Mark Soto, Matt Yeomans

Will Rosado

CGI/VFX Supervisors
Billy Maloney, Blake Huber

3D Artists
Neil Jackson, Peter Kearney

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Alexis Jo

Andrew Polich, Eric Greenburg

Assistant Editors
Justin Childress, Luke Buckley

Andy Kim

Jonathan Notaro

Executive Producer
Garrett Braren

Head of Production
Tita Poe

Production Coordinator
Sam Brockschmidt

Asa Fox