Your Thing

Branding and motion design in a global advertising campaign for America's favorite telecom provider. 

The personalization of "Your Thing" allowed for contextual iterations across motion and print applications. 


Our designs blanketed cities nationwide with a robust OOH campaign that included retail storefronts, billboards, wild postings, bus wraps and murals.


The brief from our partners at BBDO was quite simple: illustrate “Your Thing” to show how "Our Thing" gets you “More for Your Thing” in as many styles as possible. Integrate energetic transitions, go nuts, and end by exploding our logo. Easy enough?

Designs and ideas had no restraints, inspired by everything from the pop art of Lichtenstein to the bling of melting gold, all polished to a shine. Transitions are meticulously crafted with hand sculpted frames to ensure fluidity between the vastly different pop-culture inspired genres. Blowing up the AT&T logo was the icing on the cake, yielding a visual identity that translated to the broadcast campaign, print, social, and a stadium near you.

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Creative Directors
Robert Bisi, Ben Go

Head of Production
Amy Russo

Art Director
Scott Uyeshima

Rebecca Park

Associate Producer
Jackson Rogers

Andy Bernet, Ben Kim, Jason Forrest Hogg, Joshua Lee, Kyra Odi, Laury Santoso, Peter Tarka, Jordan Lyle, Valentino Vilches, Yoon Lee

2D Animators
Calvin Pierto, Maithy Tran, Ramzi Hogan

3D Generalists
Wu Hyun Lew, Min Kim, Andy Kim, Laury Santoso, Ted Gore, Simon Chan, Sean Garfinkle

Calvin Pierto, Maithy Tran, Ramzi Hogan